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Wedding Photographer

For the colourful, the whimsical, the rebels, and wild-at-heart couples looking to keep it real...


Hello lovely people!

I’m Katie, a Manchester-born mother of two mischievous boys, living a wonderfully wild and outdoorsy life with my plumber hubby in Leicestershire’s incredible National Forest.

I grew up in a flower shop, so naturally, I'm addicted to anything that blooms and brings colour! I love good food, happy music, and kitchen discos! Who doesn’t? 

Outside of work, I love to craft and make, but try to spend as much time outdoors as possible. I love the rain, and I love to run (the two combined can be pretty joyful!). I also paint things around our home (much to my hubby's shock!), go on Jurassic-worthy walks, and make play dough with my mini squad. Life is messy and filled with photographs, dinosaurs, and fallen branches from our adventures, and I blooming love it!

My dad gave me his vintage Olympus 35mm camera when I finished school, which I guess was the start of my official lens-based learning journey. I've always loved photography, and for as long as I can remember I’ve captured the people and the world around me, never wanting to miss a thing, and as a hopeless romantic, I found myself falling head over heels for wedding photography and all of the magic that goes with it!

It is always my aim to seek and follow happiness, so if there's a burst of laughter or a meaningful squish between family and friends, you can guarantee that me and my camera will find it...


I'm obsessed with;

Being outside. I can't get enough, it's green, it's fresh, and it makes me feel free. It is my ultimate happy place.

Random Fact;

I am also a chandler. We are a home of sensory-loving creatures, and during lockdown I began making my own candles inspired by our family life, and the things we love the most.

I have a degree in;

Photography & Video

There's nothing better than...

Belly laughing! Firstly, nothing feels better than a proper chuckle with friends, and secondly, it feels like a full-on abs workout, so it's a win-win right? ha!

I really like...

FOOD! Cheese in particular, especially baked - you could say I'm a little obsessed... is that bad?

Super Charities 

As a family we try to actively support local food banks, alongside charities that are meaningful to us. Sands, The National Autistic Society, and Macmillen are all amazing charitable organisations that are incredibly close to our hearts. All of which we try to raise funds and awareness for each year.

"The nitty gritty"

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