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My Style...?


Relaxed - Playful - Real


I am a lover of magic!

The way I work, and my approach to weddings, is relaxed but passionate. I am excited by ALL love stories; the wild hearts and the whimsical, the couples wanting to celebrate their love in all its authentic glory, and have their day immortalised through real and playful, in-the-moment pictures. 


There is nothing better than finding a couple that wants to collaborate with a photographer who feels more like a sidekick than a stranger. It is my aim to make you feel completely comfortable so that you can have an amazing wedding (even if you’re camera-shy!)  

My favourite photographs are often the ones caught in the moment, the ones you didn’t see coming, and sometimes your guest's won't even notice I’m there.

Through my wedding photography, I will tell the unposed, unscripted love story of your day.

I only take on up to 30 weddings a year, so you get me at my brightest, ready to rock your day!


"For me, photography is the most magical art form. It allows us to pause time and document the most precious moments in our lives. It gives us this incredible power to go back in time, and tell stories for years to come. How awesome is that?!"

Katie x

Bride & Daughter

"I am all for lovestories, and the people who create them..

The romantic, the colourful, the rebels and the wildhearts!" 


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"This girl is truly amazing. She works so hard, she pops up everywhere and half the time you don’t even see her taking pictures. She is extremely professional and such a lovely person. She will chat away to everyone who speaks to her and she never misses the opportunity for that great picture. Highly recommended 5 stars is not enough to rate this girl. Loved my wedding day photos, thank you Katie."

Amanda & Dale


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